Simple Ways to Give Your Exterior a Makeover

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Simple Ways to Give Your Exterior a Makeover

Oct 28, 2019

There’s nothing like coming home to great-looking house with flawless roofing, gorgeous home exterior siding, and color-coordinated doors and windows. Improving your curb appeal has always been a dream home improvement project for many homeowners. The biggest hurdle, however, is knowing where to begin. There are so many aspects to your home’s exterior that getting 

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A Closer Look at Atlas StormMaster® Roofs

Oct 25, 2019

Mother Nature can be a tough dealer and this is something many roofing companies understand all too well. All it takes is one perfect storm and a poorly designed roof has had it. Luckily, Atlas® Roofing has produced their premium StormMaster® Shake line of storm-resistant shingles that are able to withstand the worst that the 

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Why Fall Is the Perfect Season for Home Improvements

Sep 26, 2018

Most homeowners will recommend having your residential roof replacement and other home improvement projects done in the summer, but don’t count the other seasons out just yet. Other homeowners prefer having their home improvements done in the fall because of the following reasons:

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6 Home Improvement Ideas for a Cozy Interior

Aug 15, 2018

When we hear or say the word “cozy”, we almost always associate it with lovely, pleasant places to relax. Why be content with just wishful thinking, though? Here are a few project ideas to get you started on creating a cozy interior space.

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3 Exterior Projects to Keep You Safe and Comfortable Indoors

Jul 13, 2018

Your interior is vulnerable to different types of weather damage, including water and heat. Sometimes harsh elements can penetrate inside due to either natural wear and tear, or the quality of your materials. To fix this, consider improving the conditions of your exterior with these projects.

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