How Different Types of Roofing Fare Against Weather Conditions

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How Different Types of Roofing Fare Against Weather Conditions

Feb 20, 2019

Generally speaking, almost all types of roofing materials are built to withstand most natural conditions and regular wear and tear, but it’s undeniable that some roof systems are better suited against some weather conditions than others. To help you find the right roofing replacement, our roofing, exterior and window installation experts at Quality Home Exteriors 

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Comparing Dark Vs. Light-Colored Roofing Systems

Feb 18, 2019

When it comes to choosing a roofing color, the decision isn’t necessarily black and white. While choosing colors depends mostly on the homeowner, knowing the differences between lighter and darker roofing systems can help make the choice easier.

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How Small Leaks Can Cause the Worst Roof Damage

Feb 12, 2019

Rainwater is a frequent outdoor element our roofs constantly protect us from. And sometimes, when our roofs are weakened, leaks can begin to form, and it’s easier for water to end up inside our homes. These subtle, tiny droplets may seem harmless, but even minor leaking is actually dangerous when left without proper repairs.

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