3 Questions Homeowners Commonly Forget to Ask Roofers

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3 Questions Homeowners Commonly Forget to Ask Roofers

Dec 05, 2019

Asking questions is a great way to get the information you need, especially if there’s a decision to be made. In the case of roofing, asking the right questions can spell the difference between making the most of a roofing investment and failing to do so. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not asking all the questions 

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Simple Ways to Give Your Exterior a Makeover

Oct 28, 2019

There’s nothing like coming home to great-looking house with flawless roofing, gorgeous home exterior siding, and color-coordinated doors and windows. Improving your curb appeal has always been a dream home improvement project for many homeowners. The biggest hurdle, however, is knowing where to begin. There are so many aspects to your home’s exterior that getting 

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A Closer Look at Atlas StormMaster® Roofs

Oct 25, 2019

Mother Nature can be a tough dealer and this is something many roofing companies understand all too well. All it takes is one perfect storm and a poorly designed roof has had it. Luckily, Atlas® Roofing has produced their premium StormMaster® Shake line of storm-resistant shingles that are able to withstand the worst that the 

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Understanding the Factors That Affect Your Siding Estimate

Oct 23, 2019

Home improvement projects like a residential roof replacement or a siding installation can be tricky. Aside from the numerous features, patterns, colors and textures you need to choose from, you also have to deal with finding trustworthy installers to handle the job. One of the most telling parts of any good home improvement company is 

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Top Vinyl Siding Options from Alside®

Oct 21, 2019

Vinyl has long been used as a home exterior siding product since its introduction in the late 1950s. Vinyl, as a material is tough, versatile and requires very little maintenance compared to the dominant aluminum and wood products of the time. Today, Alside® has turned vinyl siding into an art form, giving this material the 

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The 4 Common Window Replacement Scams To Look Out For

Aug 12, 2019

When you’re looking for a window company to install your home’s replacement windows, it’s important that you only choose the best of the best. While there are many trustworthy and reliable contractors out there, there are still a select few who can scam you for a quick buck. With that in mind, it’s important that 

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The Reasons Why Sliding Doors Are This Season’s Design Trend

Aug 08, 2019

Every year, a new home remodeling trend will likely surface and homeowners will be thinking up of new ways to incorporate these trends to make their home more appealing. While there are many trends for window replacements and kitchen and bathroom remodeling, there is another design trend that may have slipped your notice: sliding doors. 

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Simultaneous Siding and Window Replacements: The Benefits

Aug 05, 2019

Eventually, there will come a time when you need to replace your siding and windows. However, there are some homeowners who wonder if it’s possible to have them done simultaneously. Surprisingly enough, replacing your windows and siding at the same time is possible. In fact, there are some surprising advantages to doing so. In this 

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The Energy-Efficient Vinyl Siding Options Offered By Alside®

Aug 01, 2019

When you’re replacing your home exterior siding, you have a wide array of options when it comes to the siding material and brand. During this stage, it’s important that you make the right choice as it can affect your home’s overall curb appeal and resale value. While there are many options available when it comes 

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What Makes Wood Doors Swell?

Jul 18, 2019

  Does your wood door look like it got bigger? Chances are, it probably it. Wood doors have a tendency to become swollen depending on the time of the year. In this blog, home window repair contractor Quality Home Exteriors shares a closer look at why wood doors swell, and what you can do to stop 

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