Three Signs You Need New Windows

Three Signs You Need New Windows

Sep 09, 2020

Three Signs You Need New WindowsMany homeowners have heard all about the new and exciting benefits that replacement windows can bring to a home, but the prospect of replacing your home’s windows is probably a little bit daunting. However, at a certain point, not replacing your windows can end up being more expensive and time-consuming than having new ones installed. In order to avoid this unfortunate scenario, there are several warning signs that you should know.

Rising Energy Bills

It can be frustrating to expect a certain dollar amount on your monthly energy bill only to see an amount that is significantly higher. But, if this scenario continues to happen month after month, it is a sign of major energy inefficiency in your home. Leaky and drafty windows are often the problem and can result in your HVAC system working on overdrive to keep your home comfortable. Replacement windows and professional installation will seal up any gaps and are likely to provide far better energy efficiency than your previous windows.

Condensation and Foggy Glass

Have you ever woken up to windows covered in condensation? Do you notice your windows fogging when the humidity rises? Both of these issues should give you pause. This kind of condensation usually occurs when there are large temperature differences between the inside- and outside-facing glass and often point to energy efficiency problems. Updated windows, especially those with multiple panes, can solve these problems.

Dated Style

Let’s be honest: windows can’t just be useful; they also have to be attractive. They’re a major part of the interior and exterior design of your home, so having ugly windows can put a damper on the feelings you have about your home. Replacement windows can be customized in a variety of ways and will usually feature attractive, modern finishes that can help give your entire home a facelift.

The Omaha, Nebraska, Window Team

If your home in the Greater Omaha Metro-area is suffering from any of these problems, you should contact Quality Home Exteriors. We’ve been helping homeowners in the area for almost 20 years and we can help you upgrade your home with gorgeous, functional, and energy efficient replacement windows.

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