What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Aug 07, 2020

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

With rising energy costs and a growing desire to “go green,” window energy efficiency has become a hotly discussed topic. Homeowners have probably heard how windows can be one of the worst offenders in your home when it comes to wasting energy. But outside of buzzwords and advertising lingo, what exactly makes a window energy efficient?

Energy-Efficient Innovations

To understand what makes a window energy efficient, you have to understand the ways that windows can lose energy. The two most common culprits for wasting energy are the panes and the frames. Modern, energy-efficient windows tackle both of these problems.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Anyone who’s had to sit next to an old, single-paned window in the dead of winter or the height of summer can attest to how bad they are at retaining energy. Single panes of glass simply aren’t very energy efficient. The solution? Multiple panes of glass! By putting an insulative layer of air, or other gasses, between multiple glass panes, the thermal performance of windows skyrockets. Two panes of glass can make a big difference and additional panes can further increase efficiency gains.

Smarter Frames

Older window frames were simple and designed to create an even shape for the window. There was little thought given to saving energy. To remedy the issue, modern energy-efficient windows include frames that are full of small chambers. These air-filled chambers act as a series of insulators, helping to curb energy loss. For even higher efficiency, the chambers in the window frames can be filled with insulation.

Don’t Forget Installation

A factor that many homeowners forget to consider when buying energy-efficient windows is the window contractor who will be installing them. Careful, thoughtful installation that doesn’t cut corners can save you thousands on utility bills over the years.

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