Walk-In Shower vs. Walk-In Tub: Which Is Right for You?

Walk-In Shower vs. Walk-In Tub: Which Is Right for You?

Aug 07, 2020

Walk-In Shower vs. Walk-In Tub: Which Is Right for You?

Of all the innovations to showers and tubs over the years, mobility improvements don’t get the recognition they deserve. Unlike other features that may only get used sometimes, lower thresholds and other movement-enhancing features can be appreciated every time you use the tub and shower. The question is, how do you choose whether a walk-in shower or walk-in tub is right for you?

Picking the Right Wet Area Upgrade

Although their names might make them sound like similar products, walk-in showers and tubs are actually very different from each other. In the battles of shower vs. tub, which is best?

Walk-In Showers

These showers feature a low- or no-threshold design that is either level with the surrounding bathroom floor or raised a few inches. A lack of high walls, like you might find in a shower/tub combo, means almost anyone can use walk-in showers. Plus, walk-in showers can make small bathing areas feel larger, since you don’t have tub walls taking up space.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs let bathers enjoy all the relaxation of a bath without having to navigate high tub walls. Simply open the door, step over the low threshold, and take a seat. Because of their cleverly engineered design, walk-in tubs can be used by almost anyone. Plus, they can feature high-end luxury additions, like massaging jets.

The Verdict

Both walk-in tubs and walk-in showers offer plenty of convenience. Homeowners who are worried about mobility and independence should choose the walk-in tub because it is the easiest and most convenient to use. Ultimately, in the fight of tub vs. shower, the biggest question might be whether you prefer a bath or a shower.

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