Understanding the Factors That Affect Your Siding Estimate

Understanding the Factors That Affect Your Siding Estimate

Oct 23, 2019

Home improvement projects like a residential roof replacement or a siding installation can be tricky. Aside from the numerous features, patterns, colors and textures you need to choose from, you also have to deal with finding trustworthy installers to handle the job. One of the most telling parts of any good home improvement company is the quote that they provide.

Here are a few of the best tips from our remodeling experts at Quality Home Exteriors about how to understand and filter a good cost-estimate for a siding replacement from those that are not.

Do You Need Multiple Quotes?

This is an age-old tip you’ll hear repeated all over the internet. The truth is, finding a company that provides quality home exterior siding is like finding a trusted good barber. Once you’ve found the one that knows your style and your needs, you won’t need to request estimates from other companies anymore. However, if you’re still in the process of finding a home improvement contractor, keep an eye out for suspiciously low estimates. This might appear tempting but it’s often done at the expense of quality.

What Is the Scope of Your Project?

A bigger house will need more siding so it makes sense to expect a bigger estimate. What most homeowners don’t know, however, is that contractors will often estimate labor costs in proportion to the square footage of siding you need. This is a good practice you should always look for when scouting out potential siding installers.

When Do You Need It?

Timing can also affect estimates, particularly for an insulated siding system. Spring and summer are typical peak seasons for many exterior remodeling companies so it’s best to avoid scheduling your projects during time. The good days of early fall are often the best time of the year to ask for estimates and get your project started.

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