How Your Roof Pitch Can Affect Your Roofing Project’s Cost

How Your Roof Pitch Can Affect Your Roofing Project’s Cost

Sep 16, 2019

In terms of costs, there is no set price for a residential roof replacement project. In fact, there are many factors that can cause it to be as low as possible or even skyrocket. These factors usually involve the permits, the material, the roof’s size, and even its accessibility. But one factor that most homeowners often fail to add to the equation is the roof pitch.

In this post, Quality Home Exteriors discusses how a roof pitch can affect the overall costs of your roof replacement project.


One of the ways your roof pitch can affect your roofing project’s overall costs is because the steeper the slope is, the more time will be consumed just to get the job done. If the slope is steeper than usual, your roofers will have to take more caution to ensure proper safety during the installation process, making the job go slower than usual.


Safety is also another thing that your home exterior siding and roofing professionals will have to take into account if they’re working on a roof with a steep slope. There are some cases where they might have to use rigging and scaffolding just to get the job done. Unfortunately, this equipment is costly to own or rent and the costs of operating it will be passed on to you.


Demand for roofers who know how to work with a steep roof is another factor that can affect your roofing costs. This is because competition is limited and the demand for contractors who can handle steep roofs are higher, making margin profits higher for the companies that can handle working on steep roofing systems.

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