The Charter Oak and D5 Punched Vinyl Soffits of Alside®

The Charter Oak and D5 Punched Vinyl Soffits of Alside®

Sep 12, 2019

Surprisingly enough, roofing companies say that the color of your soffit can actually help the overall aesthetic of your home. In fact, just recently, Alside® released their Charter Oak and D5 Punched Vinyl soffits in the color black in order to help homeowners refresh their exterior and enhance their home’s curb appeal. Of course, the new look that the color black can bring to a home aren’t the only benefits that these two soffit options from Alside can offer.

In this post, Quality Home Exteriors discuss the features and benefits of the Alside Charter Oak and D5 Punched Vinyl soffits.

Alside Charter Oak

One of the key features of the Alside Charter Oak soffit is that it’s five times more rigid compared to other soffit panels due to how it’s manufactured and the addition of the TriBeam® System. This means that it has a high durability and can take any punishment a storm can dish out. This material can also help you have better ventilation due to the aeration openings that are hidden in the grooves, allowing your attic to remain cool and dry no matter the season.

Another benefit that makes it so appealing to homeowners is it’s wide color palette, which is guaranteed to suit your home. It’s also a low-maintenance option and you’ll only have to get it inspected every now and then to check for any damage. To install an Alside Charter Oak soffit in your home, simply turn to the roofing contractors of Quality Home Exteriors.

D5 Punched Vinyl Soffit

Compared to the Alside Charter Oak, the D5 Punched Vinyl Soffit of Alside is manufactured out of premium vinyl, meaning it’s one of the most durable soffits available on the market. It’s available in both vented and solid panels and even has the authentic look of wood in its finish. Thanks to the material’s composition, you won’t have to worry about your soffit warping, rotting or peeling if you choose the D5 Punched Vinyl Soffit Like the Charter Oak, it can also provide adequate ventilation for your attic and will never need staining or painting.

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