Argon Gas in Windows: The Pros and Cons

Argon Gas in Windows: The Pros and Cons

Sep 06, 2019

When shopping for windows, you’ve likely heard of the gases that fill the glass panes in order to improve the window’s overall performance. These gases include krypton, xenon, nitrogen or oxygen. The newest addition to this roster, however, is argon, which window manufacturers prefer to krypton nowadays. The reason for this is because argon is a cost-effective alternative to krypton without sacrificing energy efficiency. However, like everything, adding argon gas between your window’s glass panes will come with its pros and cons.

In this post, replacement window contractor Quality Home Exteriors discuss the advantages and disadvantages that come with putting argon gas in windows.

Pro: Versatile

Argon is a versatile gas to use in every window pane for two reasons. The first is because it can be used in any window no matter what climate the area has. This means that whether you live in a rainy place or an area that sees more than its fair share of sunlight, argon gas can help keep your home energy efficient. The second reason for its versatility is because it can be used in residential and commercial windows of all sizes and styles.

Con: Easily Leaks

While argon gas fills don’t expand or contract, the glass it fills does. Once the glass expands, however, the seals that contain the gas between the panes are broken, allowing the argon gas to leak out. In fact, it even leaks from the window even when the seals are intact; the leakage rate is 1% per year.

Pro: Energy-Efficient

Since homeowners are looking for a residential window replacement that can help their home be more energy-efficient, argon gas filled windows are at the top of the list of considerations because it helps improve a window’s U-value. This allows homeowners to save a significant amount on their monthly bills.

Con: Condensation Risks

If an argon-filled window has even the smallest gaps in it, the argon gas that escapes can be replaced by moisture-laden air. You’ll notice this only when the window has lost a significant portion of the gas as condensation will build up inside the product without the argon gas.

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