6 Major Tips To Safely Prepare For The Heating Season

6 Major Tips To Safely Prepare For The Heating Season

Nov 28, 2017

Inspecting HeaterWith the arrival of colder weather, make sure your heating and ventilation systems are in proper working order.

  1. Use a clean furnace filter.  Clean or change monthly or as recommended by the manufacturer’s manual.
  2. If a pilot light or burner flame goes out, allow ample time for any gas accumulation to escape before relighting.
  3. Keep flues, ducts, and vents attached to appliances and heating systems in good condition and clear of obstructions.
  4. Do not use gas ovens to heat a room or any other purpose other than cooking.
  5. Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms/detectors can provide added protection, however, they are not substitutes for proper use and upkeep of appliances.  Maintain and inspect CO alarms/detectors to make sure they are in working order.
  6. Signs of a potential CO leak include Flu-like symptoms. Be suspicious if all members of your family share the same symptoms and the symptoms clear up when you are outside of the house.  If you suspect someone is overcome with CO, leave the area and call 911.

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